About Us

Providing Service for Decades

Safety and Quality is Key

For over 30 years Breathing Air Resource has been trusted to provide the highest quality service to the Fire Service Industry, Paintball Sports and Scuba Dive Shops. 

We provide the service needed in order for breathing air equipment to perform at its peak. 

Safety is the key priority to protect you, your employees and customers. 

No matter what your application, Breathing Air Resources can customize a program that fits your needs. 


safety priority quality

Fire Services

We offer breathing air compressors, fill stations, customized truck panels, cascade systems, cartridges and filters, fittings and accessories for all your fire service needs.

Paint Ball

When you need to reload, call Breathing Air Resources.  Our full range of breathing air service includes bottle refill service to keep your adventure on track.

Scuba Diving

We offer bottle refill services, hydrostatic testing, fittings and accessories and breathing air compressors, new and refurbished.